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Frequently Asked Questions

“Why do I need more than one person to install my bathroom? I don’t have the time to organise several tradesmen to do it... I’ll get a Handyman in to do it all.”

Huddersfield Tiling only uses fully qualified tradesman who specialise in only one trade, so a plumber carries out the plumbing, a plasterer does the plastering, a tiler... etc. and we organise the work all in a timely manner all for you.

It is only through this specialisation that every stage of a bathroom installation is carried out with a degree of knowledge, experience and skill that is impossible to find using a Jack-of-all-Trades. 

“Do you use materials made in Britain?”  

Huddersfield Tiling succeeds in buying from British adhesive, grout and sealant manufacturers all of the time. We use Ultra adhesive, Mapei grout, and Ever Build silicone products which are all manufactured in Britain, and are all hugely respected for supplying quality materials.

“Why do you include the price of adhesive, grout and sealants in your estimate?”

There is little point in allowing the customer to buy their own materials as they will often be sold the wrong materials for the job at inflated prices. By allowing us to select the correct, quality and proven materials at trade prices you are saving yourself both money and hassle.

 “Why does a tiler need to be qualified? Surely it’s just a case of sticking tiles to a wall with adhesive and spacers?”

It’s true that anyone can just stick tiles to a wall, but this isn’t tiling unless the end result is flat, level, plumb, square and balanced. Not only this, but it must be carried out using the correct adhesive and grout for the conditions. It may sound surprising, but there are dozens more technical and physical requirements for a tiling installation to be carried out properly, so it will serve its purpose and stay looking great for many years into the future.

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